Over the weekend, it was brought to our attention that a tape of George Zimmerman’s call to a 911 operator aired on the Today Show had been doctored. They claimed that they had launched an internal investigation regarding the incident. I’m sure we will hear more from this investigation, which would be like a traffic cop investigating an accident he himself had been involved in. Actually, it’s more likely they are deciding how best to paint this deliberate attempt to sway opinion to make NBC appear less biased than they, in fact, are.

     The tape in question was taken from the recording of Zimmerman’s call reporting a suspicious person in a neighborhood in which he was a neighborhood watch person. After telling the operator about a suspicious person, Zimmerman was asked by the operator if the person was white or black, to which Zimmerman responds,” He appears black”. All this was edited out to appear as if Zimmerman volunteered the information, making him appear a racist.

     Now, let me say, I think what happened to Trayvon Martin is a tragedy. I also think we should wait until we have all the evidence before us before we do anything. In this, the media is failing miserably. We have NBC doctoring tapes, contaminating a potential jury pool. We have Al Sharpton, an employee of MSNBC, and Jesse Jackson out advocating for violence, unreported by the Lame Stream Media. We have the New Black Panthers putting out a contract on George Zimmerman, dead or alive, unreported by the Lame Stream Media. To their credit, the NAACP has denounced the calls to violence. We have a newspaper that has invented a new race, the white Hispanic. We have another network showing video of Zimmerman in the police station and saying he didn’t look hurt or bloody, not telling viewer that he had been cleaned up before getting there. Most of the Lame Stream Media uses a picture of a little boy of 12, instead of the 6’2″ man of 17.

     As I said before, in an effort to get the news out, the real information, the media has failed us miserably. The purpose of journalism has always been to inform the public. With a very few exceptions, they aren’t doing that. Their integrity has been traded for a liberal agenda. If something hurts their cause, they don’t report on it or they misrepresent it. They would rather just repeat what they’ve been told to say by their ideological elite than actually do investigative work.

     I imagine nothing will come out of NBC’s investigation of itself. Still, I believe they should be held accountable. How are we, the People, supposed to believe anything the Lame Stream Media says? Maybe we shouldn’t trust them! Perhaps we should suspend NBC until the outcome of the investigation, until they re-earn our trust!