Over the past several weeks, I’ve watched more and more people screaming that the birth control mandate implemented by the Department of Health and Human Services was a breach of their religious freedom guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. As my last few blogs indicated, I whole-heartedly agree. However, it goes much further than that. It is just  one more of the many savage assaults on our Constitution by the Obama Administration.

In 2008, Barack Obama, a supposed Constitutional law professor, campaigned for President to fundamentally transform America. After he won election, he began demonstrating the change he wanted. He was determined to dismantle the US Constitution.

Obamacare is one case in point. The Supreme Court is scheduled next month to look at the mandate requiring individuals to buy health insurance. The Obama Administration says they have the power to require this because they can regulate commerce, but never has this been used to require people to purchase a product. Of course, this doesn’t even touch the question of states’ rights. Would this be a policy better handled by the individual states, as the Constitution allows, as opposed to the federal government?

Immigration is another place Obama fails miserably with regards to the Constitution. It falls to the federal government to maintain the country’s borders. Obama, however, has decided that his policy is to allow no enforcement to maintain border security. When the states try to implement their own policies of border control, Obama not only stands in the way, but has his Attorney General file suit against the state. In the case of Arizona, they joined with a foreign government, when Mexico objected to immigration legislation passed because  the Obama Administration was doing nothing on the borders.

A year or so ago, at a La Raza meeting, President Obama referred to the US Constitution as a dusty old rag and told the assembly that he wanted to go around Congress. Well, he has been for the majority of his term in office. With his czars, 44 in all at this point, regulations are formulated and implemented on businesses, communications, the environment and a whole range of other groups. The czars answer to no one but Obama and are not confirmed by the Senate. When you add the massive numbers of Executive Orders put in place by Obama, it is all tantamount to legislating from the Executive Branch. This dream of bypassing Congress has, for the most part, come true.

The US Constitution established three branches of government; the Executive, the Legislative,and the Judicial Branches. Each branch was to be a check and balance on the other branches, so no one branch could be more powerful than the others. Now, however, Congress is sitting idly by as their power is being usurped. More correctly, it’s the House of Representatives that is sitting by. The Senate, under Harry Reid, is controlled by the liberal Democrats and they are gladly supporting Obama in his power grab.

James Madison, in Federalist 47, basically redefined tyranny as the absence in government of the separation of powers, where the checks and balances are missing. By that definition, this administration is guilty. The only way to return this country to greatness is to return to the US Constitution. The only way to do that is to exercise your rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, and vote for the most conservative candidate on the ballot. be it city council, mayor, state or federal official, all the way to the President of the United States. Our country depends on it. Our way of life requires it!