29 April, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

From 1933 to 1945, the Third Reich (Nazi Germany) had a Minister of Propaganda. Fascist Italy had a Ministry of Popular Culture. The Soviet Union’s censorship body was the Glavlit, whose job it was to eliminate any undesirable “lies” in print, then expanded from there. Propaganda has been around for a century at least, and mostly through tyranny.

Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goerbels once said, and I’m paraphrasing, if you tell a lie often enough and convincing enough, people will begin to believe it. He basically worked through radio and papers, flyers and speeches. Imagine if he had had the internet, television and non-stop news in his time.

Actually, you really don’t have to imagine it; just look at the news media of today, the Sewer Stream Media. It’s all the news you need to believe the government line. Want proof? Just look at all those wearing masks alone in a car, despite the biggest advocate for wearing a mask(s), Anthony Fauci wrote a paper making the case that more people died from masks that the Spanish Flu. But the maskers are so adamant about their masks that they will not go without them and they want to make sure you’re masked also!

Big Tech and the Propaganda arm of the DNC have been doing this for a long time, but now more people are getting their information from other places. Of course, Twitter was a huge offender. I’ve been censored by them more that once. They’ve even put me in Twitter jail a few times. Anything that goes against their agenda can not be allowed. At least until Elon Musk bought Twitter early this week. I’m not saying twiter has been cured of the disinformation disease, but, who knows, maybe.

Any hopes that we could have Free Speech at last was short lived, as the next day Joe Biden created the Disinformation Governance Board with its new leader Nina Jankowicz, described as a disinformation expert. Now, everything I have seen attributed to her is pretty much the definition of disinformation. As for her job, she is making Biden’s missing Millions taboo, mocking of Kamala Harris is taboo, Hunter’s laptop is taboo and, I’m sure her list is bound to grow.

The purpose of Biden’s announcement is to clamp back down on the Free Speech and Truth and to make sure only the Disinformation is heard by the rank and file Americans. Remember a few months ago when the FBI wanted to make any parent disagreeing with School Boards a domestic terrorist. This Governance Board will do the same for anyone on the right who disagrees with ANY policy favored by DemSocialists! Just think, those who think men get pregnant will be determining what’s Truth and what’s Disinformation. We just don’t need this at all!


23 April, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

It’s that time of year. You can tell by the non-stop political ads on television and in the mailbox. Most of the tv ads get fast forwarded through and the mail mostly goes straight to the garbage can. In my state of North Carolina, our Primary Day is 17 May, with early-voting starting on 28 April. Let the fun begin!

My sample ballot was available several weeks ago, so I began the process of vetting my candidates. As I was checking everyone out, I was amazed at how many of the candidates didn’t even bother to have a campaign website. We have 14 people running for US Senate on the Republican side. Only three of them were known by me. Five, at the time I was vetting candidates, had no campaign website. I don’t know about Facebook or Twitter, as I left both of them January of 2021. I had a friend who tried to run a US Senate campaign exclusively through Facebook in 2016 and ended up with about 3% of the primary vote. I don’t see this method of running a campaign to be very viable. I wonder why they even put up the money and expend the effort to get the required signatures to file for the race.

Now, our State GOP is not what anyone would call Conservative in their views. They make it as difficult as possible for Conservative candidates to win. Could that explain the candidates with no information at all? (Asking for a friend!) We have two or three candidates rated as very conservative and one moderate who probably has the state’s favor. The moderate would basically be another Mitt Romney (or another Tillis or Burr, our current Senators). But he sure does crow about how Conservative he is. It always amazes me that Republicans run as Conservatives for the Primary, but go way left for the General election.

Choosing Judges is a whole different problem. Unless you are in the profession of law, how do you know who the choose for the various vacancies we vote to fill. I had to ask a couple of lawyers I trust. Obviously, I want an originalist, someone who respects the US Constitution, as well as the NC Constitution. The last thing I want is a judge who legislates from the bench!

Anyway, I finally got through my sample ballot and, after a change or two, I’m ready to vote. I’ll be spending the remainder of my time prior to Primary Day trying to get out the vote! If anyone needs help deciding for whom they should vote, I’ll be there to offer my opinions. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to several of the resources I used. First, thanks to the Heritage Foundation Sentinel Action Scorecard for grading those who have been or are in office. It was invaluable! Second, thanks to Grass Roots North Carolina for their evaluations and/or endorsements. Their evaluation helped me with one of the choices for judgeship. Thirdly, but far from being last, iVoter Guide helped, put out by American Family Association Action. It only came out for my state on 19 April, but their in-depth analysis backstopped my choices!

The Primary Election is your opportunity to choose which candidate goes on to the General Election. Shouldn’t you do your part in choosing that candidate? GO OUT AND VOTE!

10 April, 2022 by Sentinel105

By now, most people have heard of the admission that Disney is actively trying to force our children into the LGBTQ lifestyle. They aren’t only introducing children to this alternative reality, they are grooming them into accepting and joining it. Disney is receiving backlash because of their admission. Parents are protesting outside the gates of their parks. Many people are cancelling their Disney+ subscriptions and the Disney stock is falling. Year to date, Disney is down over 15.8%. While I applaud efforts of those reacting to the assault on our kids, I suggest they might want to look closer to home.

The aggression against family values to which Disney recently confessed is happening in many of our own communities. It’s all part of a three-prong attack on our children: Critical race theory, 1619 Project and “sexual orientation”. CRT, summed up, says all whites are racist and anyone siding with them is racist too. The 1619 Project says America would have been a nice country if it hadn’t been for the Europeans landing here. But the “sexual orientation” should be delved into a bit deeper.

Teachers in the 50’s and 60′, when I was going to school, left sexuality for parents to talk about to their kids. I don’t really remember any of my teachers discussing their marital status and certainly not the sex of their partners. The thought of what went on in the bedroom was just plain taboo, as it should be. It was generally left until Junior High before we had classes like Biology or Health and, by that time many of us had received our “birds and bees” talk from our parents. That’s not the way of today for our children.

Now, children as young as five or six are shown sexual positions in “educational” material. They are taught to read using books that tell them how normal it is to have parents of the same sex. Teachers ask kids how they feel about their sexuality. Do they feel as if they should be a different sex. It’s really quite disturbing, if not disgusting, what’s going on in our schools. Schools have no business bringing these topics up to kids, but, too many teachers think they are the only allowable source of education or indoctrination. Parents have no business raising their children, they say.

Why the sexualizing of kids? For what are they grooming them? How many of our children will end up in therapy because of this? How many of these kids will just go missing? How many children go missing from Disney parks?

It’s an election year. Primaries are in full swing. The above questions might be important to ask anyone running for a school board, state or local. Recent history shows that it is a lot more difficult to ask such questions (and get answers) after they are already elected to the position. I have seen them close a meeting at the first sign of a hard question. It’s almost like after someone gets elected to office, they think you work for them.

2 April, 2022 by Sentinel150

The need for a petroleum reserve became apparent in the early 1970’s. We were getting petroleum from an arbitrary OPEC, who controlled the flow of oil to drive the prices higher. Wars in the Middle East further hampered production. The gas shortage of the ’70s demonstrated the need of a strategic petroleum reserve here in the United States. It was established as aa emergency reserve, to be used in the event of a natural disaster or war. Currently, we have over 500 million barrels in the reserve.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been used several times, such as after Hurricane Katrina and, most recently after cyberhackers shut down the Colonial Pipeline, stopping the flow of gas all along the Eastern Seaboard. As news of the hack came out, I saw the price double almost immediately. so, dipping into the reserve in an emergency isn’t uncommon.

Two days ago, President Biden decided to release one million barrels a day for up to six months, in an effort to reduce the price of gas at the pump. In my humble opinion, this doesn’t qualify as an emergency. The high prices of gas weren’t caused by a disaster and it wasn’t caused by war, in spite of what the Sewer Stream Media says. This disaster is solely the responsibility of DemSocialist policies furthering their green agenda. They want to forego any fossil fuels for “sustainable energy” at any cost. This is illustrated by those saying a car owner can save $80 a month by switching to a $50,000 electric vehicle. The fact that people are struggling to put gas in their vehicle at $4-$6 a gallon, doesn’t seem to matter to them. They apparently think anyone can afford another $600 per month bill for the loan on that electric car, so delusional are they!

If Biden actually wants to help the workers of this country, he doesn’t need to release oil from the reserve, but end the policies he put into place on his very first day in office; let America go back to being self sufficient in the oil market. Put the oil rigs back to pumping. Open up the pipelines!

But, that’s not the DemSocialist agenda. Biden will release 180 million barrels over six month. If war does come, he’ll increase that number. Same if there’s a natural disaster. While we’re at it, lets ship some of the reserve to Europe. They’re in need. He’d be content to use all of the reserve, thus ushering in the need to convert to renewable energy quicker and bringing about the ruin of the country they hate!

18 March, 2022 by Sentinel105

This is a tenuous time in our geopolitical history. The possibility of war is everywhere. It could start at any time, if the wrong person made the wrong move. Right now, most of the national leaders shy away from being the person that triggers the beginning of World War III, although, in my opinion, more than a few have no problem if war should come.

Every four years in the United States, we elect (or re-elect) a President. He is the leader of the Executive Branch of government, the Commander-In- Chief of our military and de facto Leader of the Free World! Most importantly, he must be a strong leader! He must have a group of advisors around him who know what is going on in the world and make sure the President is prepared for anything that comes up.

In 2020, we failed to elect a leader. Or maybe we took a step away from election integrity and allowed the election to be stolen from us! Either way, we ended up with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, neither of which is qualified to lead a clown circus down the streets of Washington DC. It’s not that they don’t have advisors around them; It’s just a clown car full of unqualified foreign policy losers! Biden hasn’t shown any desire to take up the mantle of leadership. He chooses to send his Vice President in his place. She became the Southern border tsar, the Afghan border tsar and the Ukrainian border tsar. She actually visited the last two, but not the Southern border. She failed at all three!

It is important to maintain a strong demeanor when talking to other world leaders. It’s hard to do when you have a national policy of America Last as Biden/Harris do. When you negotiate from a position of weakness, you end up with agreements that are bad for America and good for our potential enemies. We are doing exactly this in Iran on their nuclear agreement. Before President Trump ended the agreement, we were giving them pallets of cash while never requiring a site inspection, thus allowing the potential of nuclear weapons. I’m sure the current negotiations will be little different. John Kerry was involved in both. The difference is we gave an opening to the Russians to be involved! You can’t get much weaker than that, can you?

Last month, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin had a video conference regarding tensions in Ukraine. I’m sure there was a lot of chest thumping from both. Biden may have even threatened to take Vlad behind the building a beat him up. He’s used it before. A few weeks later, Russian units entered Ukraine and all Biden was left with was to call him a war criminal. Last week, Putin called a meeting of the United Nations. Did Biden? No!

Next week, President Biden meets President Xi. With Taiwan and the US dollar being the international reserve fund, America has a lot to lose. Any guesses as to the stronger of the two?

11 March, 2022 by Sentinel 105

Yesterday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly inflation figures. After monkeying with the numbers for the optimal public perspective, they announced inflation rate for the month of February was 7.9%. Immediately after release, the Denial Cadre, led by Comrade Jen Psaki, came out with the line, “We’ve seen inflationary numbers go down month to month”. Well, that’s not true; inflation has been going up pretty much from the time Pres. Biden took office. Everything he’s done almost looks like his goal is to destroy the economy.

As the economy turned downward after January 20, 2021, they raised the specter of Covid as the excuse. Now, however, more people have awakened to the fact that they were scammed and DemSocialists feared fallout from midterm elections. They needed another excuse. Enter Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression, as Russia invades Ukraine.

Of course, using Putin as the reason the inflation rate is increasing here has a flaw. Sooner or later, people are going to realize inflation has been rising far longer the threat of Russian aggression. Putin can’t survive as the excuse too long! Believe me, the Denial Cadre is already looking to blame something else next month. The current inflation rate of 7.9% is the highest in 40 years. I see no reason it’s going to subside anytime soon.

Years ago, there was a character on TV named Erkel, whose catch phrase was, ” Did I do that”, knowing full well he had caused that. Biden isn’t even THAT honest, as his catch phrase is “I didn’t do that. I wasn’t my fault”. To make matters worse, he’s got his Cadre to echo his works all over the network news ad infinitum (or nauseum, take your pick). Remember, right now the threat of World War 3 are looming large. It’s just that everyone is maneuvering to not get the blame for starting it!

Too many of the national leaders have destroyed their country’s economies through lockdowns and passports and closed cities. they are desperate to find an out. The question is, is a world war the answer? Is it EVER an answer?

6 March, 2022 by Erich Dunkelberger

This post is a departure from my usual offerings as it’s not really political in nature. Of course, I’m very much aware that the medical profession has become politicized over the last few years. This post isn’t about that. Continue on for as I relate an experience that happened to me.

I was scheduled for a hip replacement the first week in December of last year. Pre-operative lab tests were all good and I showed up at the appointed time for my surgery. First thing when I got there was a Covid antigen test, which was negative. I was taken back and prepped for surgery. The hip replacement went just fine. I don’t really remember, but according to my text messages, I was to spend the night and go home the next day.

The next thing I remember, a nurse is standing beside my hospital bed asking me questions. What’s your name and date of birth? Easy enough. Do you know where you are. A hospital? What year is it? Seemed strange, but I said 2021. Then it got really scary as the nurse said, no, it’s January 2022.

I had lost three weeks of my life. My wife was there at my side every day of that period. Most of the account of those three weeks comes from her. Apparently, the night after surgery, I began throwing up and continued into the next day. At some point, I aspirated and quickly developed pneumonia. Then things started cascading. I was transported from one hospital to the regional hospital. I was ventilated four times during that three week time. Granted, one of those times was because I bit through the hose. Finally, they trached me. In the meantime, I had a stroke (mild) and, in another incident, they had to shock my heart to bring it to normal rhythm.

As I said before, my wife was there every day moving my arms and my hands to keep me from getting clots. When a pulmonologist sounded as if he didn’t hold much hope for me, she waded into him, telling him I was strong and that they weren’t giving me enough credit. It was her who discovered the bruising on my arms that could lead to clots. First observation: Not everyone who works in a critical care unit should be working there.

Once I came out of it, she was there by my side as the nurse asked me those questions to which I had few answers. She was always advocating for me. She was there right up until she came down with Covid. Then, she advocated from home.

All told, I spent six weeks in the hospital. I went through various forms of trachs and regained my voice. I had PT, OT and Speech therapy. Since, my wife is a retired Speech Language Pathologist, speech was the therapy I was most prepped for.

Some of the other observations I noticed:

There are some very good nurses, but others you don’t see except shift change or you hit the call button.

You have to watch the medications you are given.

Hospital protocols don’t necessarily have the patient or the family in mind.

The biggest observation is the power of prayer. During those six weeks, I had a lot of people from a multitude of churches praying for me. For that I thank everyone! I believe I am here today through the Grace of the Lord and the love of my wife!

14 February, 2022 by Erich Dunkelberger

Utopia, to the government, would be defined as making rules by dictate and the citizenry would fall all over themselves doing as they were ordered, without question. As long as their subjects are compliant, they happily make more rules, further eroding liberty and, eventually, that liberty is forgotten by the people. That’s the best case scenario for a tyrannical government.

As people wake up to what is happening to them and they start questioning, that causes problems for the government. They need to crack down on the people. What does that look like?

Last week, President Biden made the comment that no Amendment is absolute. Well, The US Government didn’t grant those first ten rights that make up the Bill of Rights and they can’t take them away! In fact, they take an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies, foreign and domestic”. So much for oaths of office!

Government says it’s time for more rules. So, they start chipping away at those God-given rights. The compliant will go along, either through apathy or just conditioning to do as they are told. For those who resist, our feckless leaders Tighten the reigns.

Immediately after Biden’s statement mentioned above, some bureaucrat from the Department of Homeland Security posted a bulletin demanding that anyone who takes an opposing viewpoint to a government statement is guilty of being a domestic terrorist. This means if you are against forced vaccinations or the follow-up boosters ( Fauci just claimed you have to have boosters every five years just moments ago), sending your five year old to school in a mask and having you child exposed to pornographic material or any other type of disagreement, you can be wisked away to the same fate as those arrested for the January 6th protests.

People all over the world are waking up, from Australia, France, Austria and elsewhere, protesting against the tyranny of their governments. We, as Americans, can’t afford to allow our government to strip us of our right to free speech, the right to gather in peaceful redress, our right to bear arms or any of the other rights delineated in the Bill of Rights. Comply at your own peril; I’ll use my backbone to stand tall!

30 November, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

It’s been just shy of a month since the elections in 2021 and 13 months since the debacle that was the 2020 elections. We are a little less than a year out from the mid-term elections in 2022. Everyone knows the talking points of the two major parties. The left adheres to the “fair and secure” lunacy ( I say lunacy because, even at this point, many Democrats agree that the 2020 election was far from fair or secure) while the right say there was a lot of issues with the election, possibly changing the outcome. What does the recent past say about the next election, already becoming a focus point?

The last I heard, around 60% of Americans think there was fraud in the 2020 election. Some of the numbers involved were blatant and the resulting cover-up was in-your-face! Arizona had a full forensic audit and evidence of fraud was presented to the State Senate. The Senate referred the evidence to the state AG, whose office says they are investigating. From where I sit, it appears that the investigation is being stalled hoping something comes along to distract Arizonians. I hope that doesn’t work. Other states are moving toward audits (only a full forensic audit should suffice!) or moving to legal action. This includes Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. The concept that there was definite cheating is alive and moving forward!

The elections in 2021 was mixed. The recall election in California was rife with cheating. Big surprise! The New York elections were no surprises either. New Jersey, however, was a bit different, with a few gains for Republicans. In one of those races, a truckdriver, spending about $152 on his campaign, beat the sitting state Senate leader, This indicates a huge dissatisfaction among voters in the state. Virginia was a big win for the Republicans. The incumbent DemSocialist was constantly degrading parents who cared what was being taught their children or policies being inflicted upon the kids. Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project were proven to be losing prospects for the DemSocialists in Virginia. Early on in the election process, reports started coming out that results might not be finalized for a few days after election night. The reason that didn’t come to pass I place squarely on the brave and determined pollwatchers and observers at precinct level that kept vigilance, not allowing a lot of the nefarious activities that plagued the 2020 Election! Bravo to those People!

Therein lies the future for the upcoming elections next year. If People get heavily involved in the voting process and report any infractions, it will make things harder to cheat! Of course, this will take a lot of manpower! But, this isn’t enough. The individual states need to fulfill their responsibilities for election integrity. They need to clean their voter rolls and approve voter ID. The state legislatures need to take back their control of election laws. It is ALREADY their responsibility! Most importantly, those guilty of wrongdoing in the fraud of 2020 need to be prosecuted! I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to do so. Without all of the above. we can never trust any election results!

19 November, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Last Independence Day, the Biden Administration was touting the fact that our holiday meal would cost us $.14 less than the preceding year. I’m not sure how they came up with this figure; it could have been per hot dog or something like that. I don’t know. Prices were already going up within a month of the Biden regime taking office.

Since then, It has been nothing but a spending spree, with very little good to show for it! One bad policy after another has weakened the United States economically in every way. The increase in our national debt has had an adverse effect on inflation. The supply chain has been throttled back by regulation. Our loss of self-sufficiency in fuel production has almost doubled the price at the pump.

All this will make this Thanksgiving more expensive. If you’re flying or driving to Grandma’s house this year, it will cost more. The food on the table will likewise cost more. Family activities will cost more. There are those who have lost their jobs through policies that divide.

The DemSocialists spend their time and efforts blaming the harder times people are experiencing on Trump, although he hasn’t been in office for ten months and conditions were trending favorably when he left. But, judging from the approval rating Biden has, currently at 36% and falling, most people must know better.

No matter how difficult things are this Thanksgiving, there’s still a lot to give thanks for. There’s the sunrise and the sunset. There’s the beauty around you. There’s family and friends. The list goes on. This Thanksgiving Day, give thanks where it is due. All glory goes to the LORD!

Happy Thanksgiving!